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John Dzik

A Few Words From Coach....

To my friends and supporters:


Throughout this past year, during the situation that unfolded at Cabrini, the letters, e-mails, phone calls and contacts offered by each of you served as a constant source of strength and reaffirmation for both my wife, Susie and me. Your many kind words of encouragement were a consistent reminder of why we both love the people of Cabrini College. It is impossible to reach each of you personally to thank you properly, but please know neither Susie, nor I, will ever forget your loyalty and compassion.

As you may know, I have moved on to assume the position as Director of Athletics at Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia. Piedmont is a D III college, like Cabrini in many ways, and is a member of the Great South Athletic Conference. The staff and people of Piedmont have been very gracious in welcoming me to their community. Their southern hospitality has made my transition to a new situation smooth and comfortable. I feel blessed to be in such a wonderful place. I’m sure Susie and I will be very happy here.

That being said, I want you to all know that I will always miss Cabrini College. As you are aware, it was not my decision to leave the college. I was forced out by one person – Dr. Toni Iadarola. The blame lies clearly with her. Regardless of what spin you may hear from her subordinates, Toni carefully orchestrated a plan for my removal. Many of you have pledged to have nothing to do with Cabrini as long as she is the President. I whole- heartedly endorse that position. I also, cannot support the college I love until she is gone.

Which brings to my final point.

The well-intentioned cause championed by this website has ended. I have moved on to new challenges and refreshing opportunities. Those who were intimately involved in the operation of this site are loving supporters of Cabrini athletics. Together, we challenge you to remain connected and active through the transformation of this website. It is our goal and fervent hope that you will utilize this site to share ideas, opinions and resources in exploring the future for Cabrini College and the athletic program. We want this site to serve as a catalyst for positive change in the future. Cabrini must return to the heritage of our foundress, St. Francis Cabrini. We can no longer tolerate the attitude of the present college administration. An attitude, which has created an atmosphere of fear, devoid of Loyalty and compassion, laden with mistrust, misinformation and falsehoods. I urge you to stay connected with each other through this website. May each of you become empowered to be actively involved in charting a new direction for the college’s future. Dr. Iadarola needs to heed her own advice. Toni, it’s time “to go to grow”. The sooner, the better.

May God bless all of you. GO CAVS !!!

Coach Dzik



A Few Words From Us....

To the KeepJohnDzik.com Community:

Over the past year we have learned a lot about ourselves, our former classmates, the entire alumni network and our alma mater. To be honest, except for the behavior of the College's administration and officials, all of our experiences have been positive and have reaffirmed our decision all those years ago to matriculate to Cabrini College. The spirit of Sister Ursula and Mother Cabrini live on in all of us, something we proved over these recent events.

In our opinion, Cabrini has always been about the people. That is what made our time there so special, not the buildings and Presidents, but you and I, the faculty and staff. We can't begin to count the number of correspondence we received from alumni - non-athletic alumni - who helped our cause because in their words "this is what Cabrini is about," and we agree with them wholeheartedly.

In the past, this website and our efforts went out of its way to highlight the negative of the College's decision not to renew John Dzik's contract as well as other decisions that in our opinion were made not in the best interests of Cabrini College, its students and employees, but in order to fabricate a legacy for the President, which should be earned, not bought at the expense of others. (Sorry could not resist one last commentary).

Now we want to look and build towards the future of Cabrini and its eventual new President and regime. Remember, the current administration and decision makers at Cabrini are just pedestrians and hired guns, walking through and collecting a paycheck to do a job, unlike you and I who are alumni and will be involved in the College long after these people have left. We will determine the College's legacy, not these people.

To that end, in the next couple of months we will be launching a new website for all alumni and employees of Cabrini College that will serve to hold us together while we remain separated from the current Cabrini College and its leadership . We will have guest commentary and columns from current and former faculty, staff and students. We will build an alumni job network and we will hold alumni events. We will also create a chat room and database for alumni to reconnect. In short, we will create our own alumni association that will give those who do not agree with the College's decisions at this time a place to communicate .

The question you might be asking yourself is Why? Well, we feel that there is a need for us to stick together. Together we have a voice, and there is no reason why we cannot use it to continue to promote and advocate what we feel is the real legacy of Cabrini College. We want to continue to hold events and gatherings where people can stay in touch. We do not want to collect or ask for any money, we simply want to perform a task that Cabrini College has failed to perform. We want the focus to be on the people, which is where it belongs. The administration would like the alumni to simply keep writing the checks but not to have a voice..... we need to continue to remind them that this is not the case. They might have won a battle by getting rid of Coach, but they will not win the war. They'd like us to simply go away........ we want to remain the voice of reason for the Cabrini College community.

Your participation and interest will dictate the life of this endeavor - the more of you who wish to be involved, the greater chances of our success. Please note, our efforts are not just for basketball or athletic alumni, but anyone who has ever taken classes, received a degree or worked at Cabrini College - our extended family.

Finally, we all have an opportunity to wield the power that is ours and affect real change in the College and prepare for the next President, to assure this type of era never again exists at our beloved alma mater.

One last item before we leave all of you for now, thank you for all your help and support over these past months. Your efforts and letters made such an impact that the website turned into an impressive resume and testimonial for Coach Dzik, and in the end he was only out of work for 30 days. Great Job!

Stay tuned for changes to this site over the next month or so.

The KeepJohnDzik.com Team

Comments? Questions? Support?

Please feel free to email us at keepjohndzik@yahoo.com. Send us copies of your letters, your questions, your thoughts or let us know you'd like to help. Please provide all contact information with your communication.