• “I hope he's replaceable. No one would be John Dzik, but I'm optimistic."

    --Cabrini Athletic Director, Leslie Danehy, The Loquitur
    March 9, 2005

  • “Basketball is a means to an end, not an end. The development of the students as people is most rewarding. In enjoying seeing a freshman come in and think basketball is more important than education, and after four years realizing education is more important.”

    --John Dzik, Delaware Daily Times circa 1985

  • “When it comes to achievements, our athletic department also needs to be commended for its work with our students. As you know, when young people become involved in team sports, they are preparing themselves for handling the many and varied challenges of the larger world. They are learning how to win, as well as how to lose. They are learning how to play fairly and, most importantly, they are learning that together, everyone achieves more.”

    --Cabrini President Antoinette Iadarola, "Building for the Future Message," 2000

  • "Your letter of response regarding the decision to terminate John's contract is one of misinformation and reads as a real testimony of being out of touch of what John Dzik means to Cabrini College. I have read many offerings from you over the years, but felt embarrassed for you in not knowing that your `hired pen' expressed you thoughts with such utter ignorance of what has transpired with men's basketball, athletics and the general student body with John Dzik over the past 25 years. The only person I know whom has walked this earth and been perfect, is our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no shame in admitting one's mistake, but shame in watching a mistake tear at the very fabric of what you espouse to represent."

    --Michael Bennett, Class of 1982

  • Employees are not valued, they are treated as 'expense' rather than 'valuable resources,' and that the College's financial resources are being drained from personnel and put into bricks and mortar.
    "We are, in essence, blue-collar PhDs, un-unionized and locked out of any governance model that gives us a voice. We're like the students in that regard: we're told to shut up and accept the way things are, which is hardly a community based on vision, excellence or respect."

    -- Anonymous Cabrini Faculty Member, The Loquitur, February 23, 2005

  • “The reality of the aftermath of this unfortunate situation is a negative strike that hits the alumni especially hard. It sends the message that those traditions and relationships do not matter any more, that the College has grown beyond caring about those traditions and relationships. It tarnishes the references to "education of the heart" that are so often used and now have been given reason to be questioned.”

    --Robin Larkins '85, Former Alumni Association President

  • “Despite our repeated attempts, Cabrini’s school officials refused comment on Dzik’s dismissal, however they did fax us the official statement which announced the Coach would be leaving. The last line quotes the school President Dr. Iadarola, who says ‘we thank John for all he has done for the College and wish him continued success in the future’ end quote – Just 19 words for his quarter century of service to Cabrini College.”

    --Derrick Gunn, Comcast SportsNet, February 18, 2005

  • "The question still remains did Dzik fail to fulfill his responsibilities as a coach to demand that his athletes continue to strive for academic achievement over athletic success? If not then why did the administration not believe Dzik could handle these new changes in the relationship between academics and athletics?”

    --Shawn Rice, The Loquitur, February 10, 2005