FEB 17, 2005



 ‘Not Going Gentle’ – WPVI ABC 6 Coverage of Dzik's Dismissal

WPVI Channel 6, an ABC Affiliate in Philadelphia, ran a story covering Feb. 16 game. Below is a transcript of the coverage:

[Action News Sports Anchor Gary Papa]: “Last night Cabrini College John Dzik, coaching his last home game after 25 years there. It was not his decision, he says, to leave, so he says this:”

[Cabrini Head Coach John Dzik]: “It’s unfortunate that it’s ending this way… it’s not my choice. If you want to find out who is responsible for it… you’ll have to find out on your own. Thank you.”

[Action News Sports Anchor Gary Papa]: "And there he goes, not gentle into that good night. Some of his former players are there with tears. Cabrini did defeat Neumann last night.”