“Cabrini Controversy” to Air on Comcast SportsNet Program SportsNITE, Feb. 18

Comcast SportsNet will air a special feature during its 6:30 p.m. SportsNite show on February 18 that will include interviews with John Dzik, former players, alumni and current players regarding Cabrini’s decision not to renew Dzik’s contract. Below is the transcript of the tease Comcast aired to promote tomorrow’s piece:

[Cabrini Head Coach John Dzik]: “On December 7th, I think, was when my letter went in… and we are sitting here on February 17th, and the President of this college (Dr. Antoinette Iadarola), has not said a word, not a word to me in that time… silence sometimes says volumes.”

[Comcast SportsNITE Anchor Derrick Gunn]: “Coming up tomorrow night on SportsNITE, Cabrini Head Coach John Dzik has dedicated nearly half his life, that’s 25 years at a school, he’s won, run a clean program, and graduated his players, and the thanks he got—a pink slip and no explanation. It’s a story that will boggle your mind… and we have it tomorrow night (at 6:30 PM) right here on SportsNITE!”